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$82.50 CAD
Apothocare Wellness Collection

Makes you want to dance. Light tart fruity mint opens your palate, floral and fruit follow and finishes with piquant ginger. Life goodness in a cup.

$11.00 CAD
Ayurvedic Swing

Light floral notes mingle with Masala spices highlighting a superb balance of tea and spice. Milk and a dash of sugar create a taste extravaganza.

$8.80 CAD
Bangalore Rose Chai

Bold, bright berry flavor with soothing strawberry and blackberry highlights.

$11.00 CAD
Berry Cheer
$93.50 CAD
Black Box Collection
$104.50 CAD
Black, White & Green Collection

An imperial favorite. Hand selected Ti Kuan Yin Oolong layers notes of orchid, baking bread and faint wine. Rare.

$11.00 CAD
Blue Spring Oolong

Greenish and vegetative. Mate is rich in caffeine and was used as a caffeine beverage in Latin America before the advent of coffee.

$8.80 CAD
Brazilian Green Mate

Flavoury with medium body. Delicate Earl Grey and Jasmine notes. Bright with a touch of golden coppery colour. Perfect for afternoon settings.

$7.00 CAD $8.80
Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Infuse a just a few flowers to produce the most amazing blue colored tea.  Add a touch of lemon or lime and it becomes purple.

$16.50 CAD
Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers

Light and flavourful lemon character tempered with spring fresh hints of apple and camomile. Very refreshing!

$9.90 CAD
Camomile Lemongrass

A hint of caramel gives this herbal fruit tea a sweet, almost candy-like flavor.

$9.90 CAD
Candy Dish
$82.50 CAD
Chai Delight Collection

Lovely mild hot finish. Star anise character adds depth and mystery. Milk and sugar recommended.

$8.80 CAD
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Beguiling notes of sweet orange at the fore with a light pineapple background. Serve it cold is like having summer in a glass.

$9.90 CAD
Citrus Grove Promenade

Full flavored and pungent with a rich fruity character. Add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves for an exotic mulled spice tea.

$9.90 CAD
Cranberry Apple Parade

This Earl Grey is characteristically creamy in taste. First rate finish. Drink with pleasure all day long.

$9.90 CAD
Cream Earl Grey

Mild and lightly herbaceous, dandelion leaf tea boasts incredible health benefits, including liver detox, weight loss, healthy skin and stomach aid.

$11.00 CAD
Dandelion Leaves - Fine Cut

A very rare tea from the Darjeeling area where each leaf is hand selected. The cup is faintly muscatel with a hint of white wine notes.

$44.00 CAD
Darjeeling White Tips
$82.50 CAD
Detox Unblox Collection